LinkIt, an educational SAAS provider which uses real-time data and analytics to help schools, needed to redesign its platform to enable large-scale usage. The original platform was built on old technology that needed to be rewritten because it couldn’t scale with the growth they were experiencing. This was a mission critical endeavor that required talent and speed.

The CIO didn’t want to hire a team because of the cost and the time required to onboard. The only way to get this done quickly was to outsource. She chose Devblock for their talent, and ability to scale quickly.


Remarkably, within 3 months LinkIt’s dedicated Devblock team was created and running. Devblock rewrote, rebuilt and seamlessly integrated the platform to include:

  • An assessment authoring platform and item banking tools.
  • An assessment delivery platform with online and offline capability.
  • A sophisticated dashboard reporting platform with multiple reporting segments.

Today LinkIt serves thousands of schools worldwide with nearly a million active students. Devblock continues to develop Linkit’s platform and has a team dedicated to their success.