Launching exclusive Web 3.0 clubs for high-end brands


Increasing brand advocacy and engagement with NFTs

MINTX is a B2B2C platform that helps high-end consumer brands launch exclusive club experiences and products with Web 3.0 technology. We designed the core feature, the club experience, to increase brand advocacy and engagement with the utility of NFTs on the blockchain.​


Fragmented brand identity and core features

MINTX's brand identity needed to be more cohesive across its website and instill the trust it needed from non-crypto users. Also, the website required the brand club experience, which was crucial to their business model.


Revamped brand identity and club experience

Devblock re-designed the brand identity and aligned the fragmented concepts of the brand club experience.


MINTX design system

The Design System for MINTX had to be built from the ground up as the product design team rebranded the company. Drawing from the metaverse and the brave new world of Web 3, the design team made bold statements and challenged conformity whenever possible. We ensured all colors and fonts met the strictest ADA compliance standards.

Standing out by simplifying the Web 3.0 industry patterns and standards

Based on competitive analysis, we noticed that there was an opportunity to help MINTX stand out by referencing tried and true best practices from e-commerce and club UX patterns.

Ensuring accessibility from the smallest components to the largest patterns

Using the atomic design methodology, we designed the smallest atoms to meet WCAG compliance.


MINTX featured pages

With the new brand identity, Devblock re-designed the core feature pages such as the home, sign up, sign in, member profile, wallet, and product detail pages.

Revamped the complex navigation between multiple brand experiences

MINTX’s website needed to support brands and club members. We re-designed the information architecture to support the multiple user types and edge cases.

Structuring content based on large-scale UX research

For the featured pages, we used wireframes to determine the optimal content structure and requirements. We utilized UX best practices and a large-scale UX research platform that is backed by 110,000+ hours of research.


Scalable brand club experience

With brand advocacy and engagement in mind, Devblock designed the onboarding, box, voting, moments, collection, and membership pages. We optimized each page for desktop and mobile devices and were scalable for any brand.


Engagement and advocacy features


The voting experience helps brands engage with their members about upcoming collections and initiatives. Members have a say and their votes are casted on the blockchain.


Brands can reward members for sharing and taking specific actions. Rewards include surprise boxes, NFTs, and physical goods. This creates a gamified experience that increases engagement and loyalty.


Plug and play experience for any brand

We created a scalable design system so that any brand can quickly join MINTX and launch their own clubs without the technical obstacles.

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